“My healing is loud” says Dineo Ranaka

star, Dineo Ranaka has reacted to the viral video of her screaming at a man and said “my healing is out”.

Everyday in Mzansi, we are faced with new drama. This time, host, Dineo Ranaka has come under after a video of her screaming at a man she had been intimate with hit the net.

The Mzansi star is heard telling the man that she only used him to get over her failed marriage. She also drags him for not being as big a star as she is. The video has since led to several reactions on social media.

Reacting to all that, Ranaka has shared a video addressing it. According to her, her “healing is loud, and she will never be ashamed” of it. She also spoke about being seen a certain when she stopped being used by people. Watch the new video below.

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