“My heart sinks every single time”- Thickleeyonce Opens Up on Being Traumatised After Car Crash

Thickleeyonce talks about how the car crash had left her traumatised.

The fashion blogger and model, Thickleeyonce, is recovering to treatment two months after being involved in a serious car crash.

An accident that had occurred last year November has made Thickleeyonce spend over two weeks in the ICU.

While in the hospital, Thickleeyonce had posted on her Twitter page, recounting how she had survived the serious crash. She also shared pictures of the wreckage that was graphic to watch.

The fashion blogger stated that she had been in intensive care. She said that she was grateful that she, her siblings and nephew survived the car crash. She also cannot wait to get back to her old self.

She wrote:

I can’t wait for my wound to heal. It’s the most uncomfortable thing ever, I think it’s cos it’s under my armpit. The pain also, I can’t wait to be able to sleep like a normal person! I still can’t sleep on my sides. I hate it. Omg!

I pass the spot where my accident happened every single day (cause it’s close by to my place). And my heart sinks every single time. Phew it’s a lot!

Thickleeyonce replied to a follower who said that she understood her pain because she had been bedridden for three months.

It makes sleeping so uncomfortable my back hurts so bad! Mara re tla bas shap.

A follower had written a word of encouragement, advising Thickleeyonce to appreciate being alive and not to get demotivated by the spot the incident happened.

The spot that you pass every day that reminds you of that day should actually be the spot that encourages you and builds you up, because you not only survived the crash, but you thrived afterward.

Thickleeyonce replied to the fan, writing that it is easier said than done.

Everything is a process and I’ve learned it’s good to be grateful for life but it’s also okay not to be okay because it was so tragic, so I let myself feel whatever it is my heart feels at the moment.

Thickleeyonce is still undergoing treatment as she tries to deal with the emotional and mental trauma.

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