My Pride and Joy, L-Tido Gushes Over His Son

L-Tido gushes over son, as he took to social media to celebrate him.

The rapper for certain cherishes his son a lot and is always ready to show him off on his social media page.

L-Tido took to his Twitter page to post adorable pictures of his son, which he caption as his pride and Joy. It is not certain if it’s his son’s birthday or the rapper was just in appreciative mode.

See post below;

#16 @L_Tido · 16h ViaTwitter
My pride and joy ❤️

L-Tido has been acting as a single parent to his son Jaden since the split from his baby mama. Although he once revealed that he is not pleased his son doesn’t get to spend time with him and the mother in the same house.

L-Tido has always shared loving moments with his son, like on his 7th year birthday, he got him a Jurassic world themed cake. Also on many other subsequent times he loves to spend time with his son.

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