“My World, My Rules” – Shauwn Mkhize Announces Her Book, Launchimg Soon

South African socialite and businesswoman Shauwm “MaMkhize” Mkhize has just announced the launch of her new book dubbed “My World, My Rules.” Those conversant with her wouldn’t be shocked a bit by the title she decided to adopt for the book.

Shauwn Mkhize is one woman with an abiding love for life and she has never hidden this love. In fact, she revels in flaunting, something that has not to gown down well with some tweeps. But it is her life and she is the one who will determine how she lives it – within the ambit of the law, of course.

And she decided to give a glimpse into it all – from her thought process to how she lives her life and will continue to do so despite public opinion – in her new book.

In a post on her verified Instagram page, she had announced the imminence of the book, letting fans know that it would be launched soon. She gave no definite date, however. But fans are already expectant – almost impatient to see what she had penned down.

&Quot;My World, My Rules&Quot; - Shauwn Mkhize Announces Her Book, Launchimg Soon 2

It is unclear if she wrote the book herself or engaged the services of a ghostwriter. Whatever the case, we can’t wait to check out the book when it drops.

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