Mzamsi Makes Comparison After Chloe Bailey Rocks Dress Similar To What Bonang Had Worn Earlier

South African media personality Bonang Matheba has been compared to the Chloes Bailey after the American singer rocked a gown similar to what Bonang had won earlier. A Twitter user who noticed the similarity in both dresses asked who between the two (he mentioned them) rocked the gown.

It was an easy victory for the South African as her compatriots rallied around her. As far as most who voted were concerned, Bonang rocked the gown better. Some tweeps even went as far as saying that Bailey’s outfit looked like a cheap version of what Bonang wore.

The comparison must have been a source of amusement to the two women compared, but neither of them acknowledged the poll. For Bonang, it showed she has some influence in Mzansi and her compatriots would have her back when she is pitted against a foreign celeb. You can check out the post below.

Bonang is known for her great fashion sense, so the glamorous look that won her the day in the comparison with Chloe would not surprise anyone who knows her and keeps a close tag on her. And you can trust the House of BNG boss to keep up the looks that have a whole nation talking

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