Mzani Debate DJ Zinhle’s Blended Family Setup Plan With AKA And Murdah Bongz

A debate is currently raging on social media over DJ Zinhle’s blended family setup. The songstress recently revealed in an episode of her show, The Unexpected, that she wants a blended family setup.

In other words, her ex-boyfriend AKA should be a part of the life of Asante, the child he’s just had with her current boyfriend, Murdah Bongz just as the Black Motion member is a part of the life of Kairo, the daughter she had when she dated AKA.

According to DJ Zinhle, AKA has been welcoming of the idea, but Murdah Bongz is the “difficult” one – uneasy about it.

I spoke to Kiernan about the baby. He said I’m quite a rebel. ‘You have another kid, with another man’. He said “your family must think you are such a problem,” Zinhle laughed.

He said I need to know the details, so I said okay it is a girl. He said I was hoping for a boy, sit. My brother, it is not your baby and he said it kind of feels like it is my baby, I said wow, that is crazy,” she added.

The planned set that DJ Zinhle desires for her baby daddies and the children she has for them had ignited Mzansi social media, invariably taking the names of her kids, as well as her own, up Mzansi trend list on Twitter.

While some fans praised her for the idea which showed a conciliatory spirit, some think the idea was distracting and might possibly lead to friction and even a crisis in her relationship with Murdah Bongz.

By the way, in a previous episode of The Unexpected, she had revealed that Murdah Bongz had proposed to her but she declined. She wanted her baby daddies to be friends first.

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