Mzansi Abuzz As Spanish Series “Elite” Switches Character With South Africa’s “Blood And Water” – The Netflix Magic Of 2024

Streaming giant Netflix caused quite a buzz in South Africa recently with the shakeup of its teen series across continents. If you’re a South African, you are probably already aware of the teen series “Blood and Water.” and if you’re a movie buff generally, you must have heard of “Elite” as well.

“Elite” is another teen series in the tradition of “Blood and Water,” and quite a hit with audiences back in Slain, where it is shown. With 2024 encroaching, Netflix has a lot lined up for both series including the switching of characters from one series to another.

You heard that right. With 2024 episodes, Fikile, the character played by Khosi Ngema in the South African series “Blood and Water,” will be visiting the Madrid School of Las Encinas in the Spanish series. On the other hand, the Andre Lamoglia character, played by Iván Carvalho in the Spanish series, will pop into Parkhurst College in Cape Town.

The changes and the announcement of the same have got many viewers excited and a robust conversation is already centred around the decision to switch characters in the two series, pushing one to join another series in Spain and having another from that country remove to another series with a similar tradition.

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