Mzansi Actors Armand Aucamp & Sean van Noordwyk Tie The Knot In Western Cape

The Christmas period came with a lot of blessings for a lot of people out there. Afrikaans actors Armand Aucamp and Sean van Noordwyk would certainly count themselves among the blessed, having gotten married around the same period.

The duo forms part of South Africa’s thriving gay community, although their love story might not be as loud and resonant as those of other celebs, say a Somizi. But that’s by the way.

Over the weekend, Armand Aucamp and Sean van Noordwyk who have been lovers for a while thought it would be ideal to finalise their union by saying “I do.” And they did. It was a beautiful moment to finally make that critical decision.

It was a double celebration of sorts for the couple, having a grand moment during the festive period. Everything simply tilts towards a celebration.

The couple’s wedding took place in Rawsonville in the Western Cape. The ceremony was not an all-vomers affair, as only a select group of family and friends were in attendance at the Picardi Place.

Still, it was a beautiful moment and everyone had a convivial time celebrating the newest couple in South Africa’s gay community. Well, as the saying goes, life can be beautiful. It is.

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