Mzansi Advises Katlego Maboe Amid School Fees Drama With Estranged Wife Monique Muller

Shortly after South African media personality Katlego Maboe’s ex-wife Monique Muller called him out for not paying the school fees of their son, South Africans have taken over the case, sharing their thoughts on it.

Monique had posted to her Instagram stories about Katlego not fulfilling his duties to their son, noting he must be doing that to spite her. She also shared receipts to prove her claims about him.

Her post divided South Africans, with some siding with Monique and some asking her what exactly she did for him not to take responsibility for their son. And yet, some wouldn’t be bothered by the whole drama.

Katlego Maboe has been quiet about the whole drama. Even with netizens telling him that he should pay the fees of his son 100 per cent, we can’t point to a medium where he had reacted to them at the moment.

He used to have a wonderful relationship with Monique but it all collapsed a while back, with Monique accusing him of abuse and other “sins.” So heavy were the allegations agsint him that he lost several sources of income and endorsements. But then, the case against him was thrown out and he seemingly bounced again.