Mzansi Agog As MTV Base Announces Return Of New & Refreshed “Yo MTV Raps Uncapped”

Fans of the show Yo MTV Raps Uncapped are in for something magical, as MTV Base has announced the return of it after a brief break.

According to the music powerhouse, the new and refreshed format will reflect the evolving orbit of South African music.

The new format will feature some of the finest rap voices, as well as the best new music videos.

The new format will be hosted by MTV Base Special Squad member Tshego Koke, who had noted that the new format will be interactive and will feature interview sessions with the people behind the hits.

This week, on the set of Yo MTV Raps Uncapped,  Pretoria rapper 25k, who recently released a body of work titled “Pheli Makaveli,” delves into the world of South African hip hop, the inspiration behind his music, as well as his thoughts on collaborating with A-Reece.

Already, the announcement of the return of Yo MTV Raps Uncapped, is generating great excitement in South Africa’s hip hop universe. It remains to be seen if the refreshed format will bear as much power and appeal as the one before it. We’ll be out here to share that detail. So follow us and stay tuned for updates

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