Mzansi and America Debate Over Tyla’s Race

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Mzansi and America are debating what to call “Water” star Tyla according to her race.

Tyla’s recent fame has led to much conversation on the X app. If it isn’t racial comments being made against her while her Mzansi fans defend her, it is arguments about her race coming up.

According to recent updates, her fans in America and Mzansi have been fighting over what to call her according to her race. While Mzansi believes she is “coloured” Americans think it is offensive to call her that.

According to Briefly, “Award-winning comedian Dillan Ollifant reposted the source of the heated debate with a video explaining that being coloured symbolised the Water hitmaker’s core of existence.”

He shared the video in response to an X app user @AdamantxYves, who criticized the idea of her being labeled by the term “coloured” in America, calling it wrong. Check out the deleted tweet:

“In America, it is. You are free to call her whatever you wish, but she will not be called ‘colored’ HERE. I am not even saying this out of malice or spite. That is just a fact that you’re gonna have to accept.”

The comments have since led to debate. Read it here.