Mzansi Angry As Arthur Mafokate Is Appointed Chairperson Of CCIFSA

There is palpable anger among some South Africans following the appointment of Arthur Mafokate as the chairperson of the Creative Cultural Industry Federation of South Africa (CCIFSA).

The anger stems from a previous case against the celebrated Kwaito musician that was yet to be resolved when he was given the appointment. The 999 Record boss has allegedly benefitted from government tenders and lotto funds and used the money to buy a home and other assets.

He was still under investigation for corruptly enriching himself when he was appointed to the CCIFSA. And South Africans are not having it. They are lashing at the authorities for not doing what they consider the right thing – concluding the investigation into the tenders fraud before thinking of appointing him to any position.

Amid the spate of condemnations, one man who appears unbothered is Arthur Mafokate himself. Right from when he was accused of benefitting from government tenders, he carried on like nothing happened, showing off his farm on social media now and then.

And it is unlikely he would be bothered by the latest round of criticism over his appointment – and appointment seen by one blogger as a middle finger to the creative industry. You can check out the post below.

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