Mzansi Aren’t Impressed By Tito Mboweni’s “Delicious” Stuffed Chicken With Macaroni

It is public knowledge that South Africa’s former finance minister Tito Mboweni loves to cook and that, now and then, he shows off his kitchen expertise for the public to observe.

In a recent tweet, the minister has shared clips of him steaming chicken. He noted that it was “coming okay,” and added that he would now prepare macaroni to go with it.

You can check out the post below.

Some fans who saw the images he shared laughed at what he was cooking and generally made fun of the chicken. Some state that the chicken looked “somehow.”

Clearly, the minister was undaunteed, as he shared new images after he was done cooking. He noted the cooking adventure turned out well and was simply tasty, including the veggies.

He scoffed at the fans who had mocked the previously pictures he shared, noting those fans were of little faith. So as the bloody sinners that those fans are, they have to repent.

someone should bring hold water, please, so that we can wash away the sins of Tito Mboweni’s twitter adversaries. The minister minister says he an cook, but these peeps have refused to believe.

Maybe Mzasni should do a gala and invite the mnister to cook for the “long throats” of Mzansi.

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