Mzansi Calls For Arthur Mafokate’s Arrest After Court Application Dismissed His Application

it is not yet uhuru for South African musician and record label boss Arthur Mafokate, as many of his compatriots have called for his arrest over alleged shady dealings.

The 999 Records boss has been in the news sporadically over his involvement with the National Lottery Commission. Allegedly, he used money belonging to the body for personal ends, which is contrary to the law. The ae has dragged on for a long time now.

As part of the effort to recover the money from him, the Assets Forfeiture Unit (AFU) of the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) preserved his Midrand guest house pending investigation into the instance of him enriching himself with government funds.

Unimpressed by the decision of the AFU, Arthur Mafokate filed an application at the court to have the property released. However, the Pretoria High Court dismissed his application to have the property released from the presentation order.

Since losing the case to have the property released, South Africans who already think him guilty of the allegations against him have been calling for his arrest, claiming that he stole from the poor.

Whether or not he will be arrested is left to time. But it is certainly not yet uhuru for Arthur Mafokate

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