Mzansi Celebrates Cristiano Ronaldo At 39

February 5 is a special day in the world of football, especially for fans of the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. That day marks his birthday, Around the world, fans usually celebrate it the way they see fit, with some of them rocking jerseys of the great man himself.

This year’s birthday was no different. As usual, on his birthday, fans poured into social media to celebrate with him. On the footballer’s post on his Instagram page, as well as on pages of online publications, fans happily camped to wish him the best on his birthday.

The overriding verdict is that he is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) in the arena of football. That narrative has been debated so much that it might appear trite at this point, with fans of Argentina’s Lionel Messi arguing that their man Leo is the GOAT.

Anyway, since it was Cristiano Ronaldo’s birthday on February 5, attention was focused on him as he celebrated. Beyond the celebration, earlier, the Portuguese ace introduced his millions of followers to his fragrance brand that bears his name.

The comment section of the pot was another opportunity for fans to wish him a happy birthday as well. Check it out below,

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