Mzansi Charmed As Uncle Waffles Hangs Out With Kelly Rowland At The Grammy Pre-Party

South African singer and disc jockey Uncle Waffles was among those that showed up for the Grammy pre-party, which gave her the opportunity to frolic with other famous figures in music, including Kelly Rowland.

In a clip shared by the blog MDN News, Uncle Waffles could be seen in the company of the former Destiny’s Child star. Both looked happy luxuriating in each other’s company. You can check out the video below.

The clip resonated with many South Africans, some of whom thought Uncle Waffles being with the American is a big deal not just for her career but for her life generally. This isn’t the first time the songstress has spent a few minutes with an international star, however. It happens sporadically as she networks with other figures in the industry.

Uncle Waffles was that unknown figure who rose to fame suddenly after a clip of her dancing to “Adiwele” went viral. Given the way she rose, several critics have given her a timeline to lose her appeal, beevome irrelevant, and disappear from the music scene.

Well, she has continued to rise instead. And from the look of things, there is no stopping her anytime soon. Sees like the way to go.

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