Mzansi Compares Enhle Mbali to Black Coffee’s Alleged New Bae Victoria Gonzales

Mzansi had a field day comparing actress Enhle Mbali to her ex Black Coffee’s alleged new bae, Victoria Gonzales.

One big problem about having a very publicized marriage or relationship as a celebrity is that everyone will always have an opinion about what you do, or who you move on to after you’ve broken up.

Enhle Mbali and DJ Black Coffee know so much about this we wonder how it must make them feel. The two were once happily married, but they fell out and threw blame at each other. Their marriage ended, and they moved on with their lives. Enhle once revealed that she gets R50 000 in spousal support from Coffee.

She was once compared with Sarah Langa, and it seems that wasn’t even the last time. Musa Khawula recently took to Instagram to share a photo of a woman alleged to be Black Coffee’s new bae. She is named Victoria Gonzales, and Mzansi believes she is very hot.

However, some think she isn’t all that compared to Enhle Mbali. Some fans have rallied around Enhle, saying her face card still stands. @ReaPhiritona took to her page and wrote, “Yawnfest. She has nothing on Enhle.”

@LollyMkunqwana, who wasn’t having it with the comparison, wrote, “Black Coffee gets himself a new girl and somehow it became about Enhle. How is her beauty or anything else about her connected in any way, shape or form to Enhle?”

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