Mzansi Concerned As Dineo Ranaka Deletes All Instagram Posts

South African media personality Dineo Ranaka has raised concern again. This time, it has nothing to do with her going public about her suicidal ideation. Fans and the general public are just worried that she has deleted (or archived) all her Instagram posts.

Her deleting all her posts on the platform is what many would consider unusual behaviour. So they are keen to know what exactly is cooking at her end to have caused her to do what she did.

Well, there is no answer to the questions fans are throwing all over social media regarding her action, as Dineo herself has seemingly taken a break from Instagram, with no responses to those inquiring from her, and no story addressing the reason she deleted all posts.

Given her history, some social media users are guessing that she must be facing some mental battles and has taken a break to cool off. Nothing can be confirmed right now, though.

Last year, the former Kaya FM presenter sparked concern over her post about being suicidal. She would have taken her own life then but for her fear about her children and their lives without her.

South Africans rallied behind her then and will probably do so again if they know what is going on.

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