Mzansi Confused As Pregnant Woman Claims To Be Mbongeni Ngema’s Wife

South African dramatist Mbongeni Ngema is dead, but it seems controversies are finding a life of their own following his demise. Out of the blue, a pregnant lady had popped into the public. claiming to be his wife.

The celebrated playwright died in an auto accident recently. He was coming from a funeral when the vehicle he was in collided with a truck. He, unfortunately, didn’t survive it.

Given his contribution to the arts in South Africa, local authorities decided to take care of his burial – a decision that actually pleased many South Africans, being of the view that he was deserving of it.

End of case and end of story? Not really, on the contrary, things are unfolding quickly and a lady is out there claiming to be pregnant for the late dramatist.

The lady, known as Moncho, is claiming to be the late dramatist’s customary wife and is asking to be a part of his burial arrangements. She claimed that he sent a delegation to her family in 2021, which technically made her his wife.

Ngema’s family has reportedly ignored her, however, and not acceded to her desire to be a part of the burial of the late playwright.

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