Mzansi Criticises Shauwn “MaMkhize” Mkhize Refusing to Answer Robert Marawa During Interview

South African businesswoman and socialite Shauwn Mkhize came under severe flak recently following her appearance on Robert Marawa’s show Marawa Sports Worldwide.

Shauwn, who is also known as MaMkhize, had been invited to the show and she honoured it. However, during the interview, she ducked a couple of questions – literally refused to answer them.

As the owner of the local South African club Royal AM, she was expected to have answers to Marawa’s questions about the club. But she ended up deflecting and not answering some of his questions.

This refusal to answer questions after agreeing to the interview angered many South Africans. Some wondered why she should agree to the interview when she knew she wouldn’t answer the questions put to him.

Some pointed out that she was probably expecting the interviewer to be fawning and generally deferring to her as most of her associates do because she is wealthy. But since she didn’t get that, according to them, she ended up messing up the interview by not answering questions. You can check out the clip below.

Well, at the time of writing, the businesswoman had not replied to those criticising her actions during the interview. It is unclear if she would react, and how.

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