Mzansi Curious About Shanice Stork & Duduzane Zuma Current Relationship

One question that has been flying around for a while is whether Duduxane ZAuma and Shancie Stork Are still married.

The couple got married in a glamorous wedding ceremony in 2015, attended by several government officials, In the intervening years, it was claimed that they had a falling apart.

But did they? The two of them are conversant with rumours of them having broken up. However, neither of them has said anything about their falling apart, further giving life to the rumours of their broken relationship.

Interstingly, while the rumours fly, Dudu is seemingly out there living his best life, including having dinners with reality show star Nonku Williams.

The Williams dinner reverberated across South Africa, with many wanting to know if they were dating. But. again, neither of them has said anything about being together or not.

Well, until they clarify the state of their relationship, chances are the public will continue guessing, for good or bad, whatever the result.

By the way, while Dudu is a public figure who is almost always in the news, Shanice herself prefers to key a low profile. Not much is known about her besides the fact that she was born in 1993 and runs a couple of businesses with Dudu.

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