Mzansi Curious As Bonang Matheba Is Spotted Shopping Clicks With Mystery Man

The American novelist Saul Bellow’s words that “when the dear disappears there is another dear waiting near” continues to manifest all around us, the most recent being the spotting of Bonang Matheba with a new man at a mall. Has she snagged another hunt to run life with?

We cannot tell for now. But Mzansi is luxuriating in the latest discovery that the House of BNG boss might no longer be single after all. The entrepreneur herself did not share anything about her shopping at Clicks, but a fan did.

She was spotted “with a mystery man casually shopping at Clicks.” When the video of them popped up online, many South Africans thronged the comment section to share their thoughts about it all.

Some wondered if the unknown bloke was the new man in her life; some assumed he was her man and congratulated her on having found someone else, and yet others could not be bothered who the man was or what brought them to Clicks. Bonang herself did not comment on the post, which you can check out below.

BOnang has had her fair share of men. But her most famous relationship is that she had with Kiernan “AKA” Forbes

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