Mzansi Curious As Scoop Makhathini Reportedly Accepts Sangoma Calling

Are we stepping into the era of one week, one new sangoma? The rate at which Mzansi celebs are “answering the call” to become local healers or sangomas has captured the attention of many, leaving peeps wondering if some people actually had the call.

Well, there appears to be an addition to the sangoma list, as popular host Scoop Makhathini has reportedly “accepted” his sangoma calling.

According to sources, Scoop has gone through a rough patch in his life, which he ascribed to the ancestors punishing him for not tali g their call earlier.

As a result, he had decided to go to sangoma school and officially answer his calling into the traditional healing ministry.

Of course, when he officially completes his sangoma school g and joins the league of traditional healers, he would be counted among a growing list of South African celebs who have indicated they were called and eventually answered.

Among the celebs who have served the sangoma calling so far are Phelo Bala and Zodwa Wabantu.

It remains to be seen when he will officially get the call and what impact he will make as a sangoma. We’ll be here to bring you more details, so tag along if you please.


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