Mzansi Debates Clip Of DJ Sbu Being Robbed In Public – Watch

What exactly happened? That’s one question South Africans have been asking after a clip emerged of MaFaya boss DJ Sbu being robbed on camera.

In the said video, the MoFaya boss could be seen selling his energy drink on a busy road. He’d approached a vehicle with the drink and given it to the driver, who sped away without paying. It was a “shrug moment” of sorts to the DJ, who turned to face the face and explain that one shouldn’t leave a product with drivers before getting the money for such products.

In other words, on a road, busy or not, first get the money for the product, and then release the product. Not the other way round. You can check out the clip below.

South Africans are having a hard time processing the incident, though, with some of them wondering out loud if the incident was staged. Perhaps DJ Sbu, who fancies himself as a hustler, staged the incident to pass a message to his fellow hustlers on how to survive the streets.

At the time of writing, the celebrated musician and entrepreneur has said nothing about fan’s curiosity about what actually happened in the video. Time will tell.

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