Mzansi Debates Photos Of Themi Seete Untouched Image From The “Hey Neighbour” Festival

Celebrities are known to doll up a bit before taking pictures and sharing the same online. For the most part, such pictures might not give the true state of their faces. So it is usually a big surprise and a subject of conversation when those faces are revealed without makeup – as happened recently with South African actress and singer Thembi Seete.

In a recent post on X, entertainment commentator Phil Mphela shared pictures of the actress, pointing out that the pictures were taken of her at the “Hey Neighbour” festival. He claimed she was a guest of Netflix South Africa on that occasion.

South Africans were more focused on her looks, however, with some of them stating that she didn’t look like the pictures she shared on her social media pages. Some of them also pointed out that i the pictures from Phil, she actually looked her age and wasn’t getting any younger. You can check out the post below.

While netizens debate her picture and how she looks older than in the pictures on her social media pages, Thembi Seete herself appeared indifferent and has not said anything about the sudden negative” attention so far. Well, can we blame her?

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