Mzansi Debates Tyla Identifying As Coloured And Not Black

Will there ever be an end to the colour debate in South Africa? After decades of apartheid rule, the spectre of colour and identification with the same continues to pop up in the Rainbow Nation.

South African singer Tyla is currently on the news over the subject Of course, she seems the most unlikely subject over colour and colourism. But a recent statement from her had many South Africans in a debating spin.

In a recent tweet, the songstress made it clear that she is mixed and currently identifies as coloured and not black. Her refusal not to be identified as black provoked a debate among South Africans. Some criticised her for trying to run away from her “roots.”

Some felt she was suffering from inferiority complex by not identifying as black, especially at a time when South Africa is not under apartheid rule and blacks had their rights back. And yet some felt that it was within her rights to identify the way she pleases, and having called herself coloured, people should respect her decision.

By the way, Tyla has had a splendid year, with with massive success of her single “Water,” which peaked at 18 on the US Billboard chart.

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