Mzansi Disappointed As Old Clip OF Tina Turner Calling Blacks Lazy Pops Online

There is a pall of disappointment currently enveloping much of South Africa after an old video in which the late Tina Turner described black people as lazy surfaced online.

When news recently broke of the celebrated singer’s death, many South Africans popped up on social media platforms to share their grief about her passing and to wish her family the grace to push ahead after her death.

However, there appeared to be a massive change of opinion after the video of her describing Africans as lazy popped up online. Many South Africans were disappointed and made it clear that was a blotch on her record and they wished it never happened.

On Twitter, a user even pointed out that she was honoured by the apartheid government back in the day. We cannot confirm this, however. You can check out the clip of her speaking about Africans below.

Tina Turner died two days ago, on May 24 at her mansion in Zurich, Switzerland. Her publicist has confirmed the death and clarified that she died of natural causes.

Until her death, she stood out for her distinctive voice and music which earned her the title of queen of rock ‘n’ rock. Details of her funeral are yet to be announced.

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