Mzansi Discusses Big Zulu’s Age As He Celebrates His 38th Birthday

As a celebrity, it is inevitable that people would have opinions about one, good or bad. So it wasn’t surprising when South Africans started commenting about the age of the rapper Big Zulu.

The Inkabi Records boss recently celebrated his birthday, The local bog MDN News shared a picture of him and amplified his birthday as well, wishing him the best on that special occasion.

The post attracted the attention of the rapper’s compatriots, some of whom claimed that he was looking way older than his age. Some even went as far as to say that by the time he turns 45, he would probably be looking like a 60-year-old.

One person who hasn’t said anything about the age thing and looking older is Big Zulu himself. The songster is still in a celebration mood and, clearly, wouldn’t want anything to stand between him and his peace.

By the way, Bi Zulu has turned out to be one of the important voices in South African rap, but it was not that way at the outset. He was previously a taxi driver. But the call of music was pretty strong in his life. Deciding to take the leap into music changed his story for good.

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