Mzansi Divided As Makhadzi Rock ANC Colours

Limpopo artiste Makhadzi divided Mzansi after sharing a photo of her rocking a dress with ANC colours. She had also announced that she got an invitation from President Cyril Ramaphosa.

She didn’t share the picture on her verified Instagram page. She gave no details about the invitation, however. Nevertheless, the image of her rocking the ANC colours elicited mixed reactions online.

While some social media users encouraged her to “secure the bag” however she can, some speculated that she’s ruining her career by participating in politics.

Other social media users denounced the president, stating he would do anything to ensure his ruling ANC retains power.

Makhadzi is one of the most entertaining South African musicians out there and one of the most popular. So it isn’t surprising she should get an invite from the president of the Rainbow Nation, who’s gearing to seek reelection.

Just recently, Makhadzi had reached a Facebook milestone of 4 million followers, becoming part of the few artists to reach that milestone.

By the way, while it appears like she’s backing the ANC in the upcoming elections, artistes like Big Zulu and Ntando Duma have thrown their weight behind the rival EFF (economic freedom fighters).

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