Pearl Thusi’s Instagram Break Announcement Ignites Speculations Of New Netflix Show

Mzansi Divided As Pearl Thusi Talks Trip to Zimbabwe On IG Live

South African actress Pearl Thusi has addressed her recent Twitter to Zimbabwe which saw her speak highly of the party in power, and the country, as well as push for other people to visit the nation.

Her social media post about her trip to the country and call on other people to visit Zimbabwe had elicited criticisms from many of her compatriots back home. as well as Zimbabweans themselves who saw her as out of tune with reality.

After a brief silence regarding her trip and the criticisms it elicited, the “Queen Sono” actress had take to Instagram Live where she addressed the issue. According to her, her trip to the country was not specifically to visit the ZANU-PF. She claims she only realized it was politically affiliated when she arrived.

Pearl Thusi wasn’t the only one who showed up in Zimbabwe. Notable figures Acrors Sell Maake Ka Ncube and Sonia Mbele had showed up in Zimbabwe as well, with positive words about the country and ruling regime and both had been flayed by the public as well.

For Pearl Thusi, though, even her latest explanation had not convinced some netizens. The criticisms continue, but it doesn’t appear like that will change anything anytime soon.