Mzansi Divided Over DJ Sbu’s Call To Peeps To Walk Barefoot & Hug Trees

South African disc jockey and producer DJ Sbu has got many talking after he advised Mzansi peeps to walk barefoot and hug trees.

The songster made the call in a recent video posted to his social media channel. While some fans nodded at his call and even admitted they have already followed it, others scoffed.

Those who couldn’t relate to the call called out the DJ, with some of them insisting he had gone “crazy.”

DJ Sbu is noted for always advising peeps on business and the need to hustle out there and make a life. So some fans were taken aback by the call. A particularly unimpressed fan had made it clear that if the MoFaya boss was tired of motivating the flock, he should just say so.

DJ Sbu stands out as much for his music as for his business sense. The songster, who recently won a GuinnessWorld Record, fancies himself as an eternal hustler, and he combines the world of business and music beautifully.

The cap to return to nature, however, has got his fans seriously divided. But at least he’s made his point. If you should ask us, we’d let you know that we love trees and we’ve done what the songster said years before he ever said it. Lol.

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