Mzansi Divided Over Gospel Musician Solly Moholo’s “Nightclub” Performance

One thing about being a musician or performer is that people will always have something today about you and your performance. But then, it is all shades of intriguing when a gospel musician pops into a club to perform.

That was exactly what happened recently with South African gospel musician Solly Moholo. The muso left social media buzzing after he was spotted performing at a nightclub.

The performances divide netizens, most of whom wondered how a gospel singer ended up in the “house of house,” a place where he is not supposed to be. The debate rages on even as we write.

In the clip, the veteran gospel singer could be seen performing one of his hit songs while patrons of the club sang along with him and generally enjoyed themselves. You can check out the clip below.

While alsmot everywhere appears to be abuzz over the performance, the songster himself has said nothing so far about his performance. It is unclear if he would even address the people asking questions about his club performance.

One thing is not in doubt, though, which is that Solly Moholo certainly enjoyed himself during his performance at the nightclub. People can only talk.

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