Mzansi Divided Over South African President Jacob Zuma And Desmond Tutu’s Anti-apartheid Movement Roles

Mzansi is divided over the roles former South African president Jacob and Archbishop Desmond Tutu played on anti-apartheid.

The events that have followed the death of Anti-apartheid movement leader, Archbishop Desmond Tutu have been on a whole other level. The presidency announced that Tutu had passed on, and also spoke about his legacy on Sunday, December 26.

Tutu’s family also confirmed that he died on that Sunday, December 26 in a frail-care centre at the age of 90. Social media has since been flooded with tributes to the late Nobel Peace Prize winner. Also, comments about his time alive seem to aim at his reputation and rubbish it.

The late Archbishop has also recently trended after Mzansi began comparing his role on anti-apartheid to that of the former president, Jacob Zuma. Zuma’s supporters have stated that they believe he did more for South than Tutu ever did. According to them, Zuma “held a gun and fought for freedom”.

Supporters of the late Archbishop also claim that the former president will never achieve what he did. They also believe that Zuma “sold the country and its poor”. Social media has since been divided in their opinions about who did the most for the country.

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