Mzansi Emotional As Priddy Ugly & Bontle Tell Their Love Story On “Defining Love” (Video)

Priddy Ugly and his wife Bontle Modiselle were on the latest episode of Defining Love and wowed Mzansi with their performance, leading many to believe love still exists, after all.

The two, who are collectively known as Rick Jade (a musical band) have an interesting love story. Although they only got married recently, they have been lovers for over a decade. Now they have a daughter Afrika.

Fans who watched the two on the show got emotional because of the deep bond between them. Some loudly wished to be so blessed in their relationships. You can check out some of the comments from those who followed the show.

By the way, Priddy Ugly and Bontle have been serving couple goals for as long as we can remember.  It wasn’t surprising, therefore, that many should look forward to their appearance on Defining Love and even get emotional when they detailed their love journey.

The interview is pretty rich and should be a staple with anyone seeking love or wishing to define what a fine relationship should be like.

If you missed the episode, you may want to check it out below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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