Mzansi Encourages Dineo Ranaka Amid Struggle With Suicidal Thoughts

People are going through a lot out there but only a few care bold enough or care to share. And as the saying goes, a problem shared is a problem half-solved, At least, this appears to be the case with South African media personality Dineo Ranaka.

She is going through a rough patch and recently confessed to battling suicidal thoughts. She wasn’t direct in her message, though. But South Africans got in and they showed up to support her and ensure she does no harm to herself.

In a post on her verified Instagram page, she noted that she understands people that decide to take their own lives. “I get them.”

In another of her post, she noted that she is trying her best not to commit suicide. She described it as soooooooo loud and her life as hard. And although she is trying her best not to kill herself, it appears like her best is not enough.

Her coming out about her struggles with her mental health has been described as a win because it would have been tragic if she had taken her life without speaking out. South Africa has already had several tragic suicides. HHP and Riky Rick readily come to mind.

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