Mzansi Excited As Anele Mdoda Interviews Keshi Mabunda, Cop Who Exposed Serial Killer Rosemary Ndlovu

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There was palpable excitement across South Africa after South African media personality Anele Mdoda revealed that she was interviewing Keshi Benneth Mabunda, the hero cop who exposed his colleague, Rosemary Ndlovu, as a serial killer.

Rosemary Ndlovu was just another name in the row of names of people serving in the South African Police Services (SAPS). Well, that was until she was exposed as a serial killer by Mabunda. Until her exposure, she had killed several relatives to get their insurance payout.

Her exposure as a serial killer was as shocking as could be imagined. The revelation reverberated across South Africa, with many wondering out loud what spirit of wickedness would cause someone to kill six relatives in order to collect their insurance payouts.

The shock has since given way to acceptance of the morbid reality: Rosemary is a killer and would have continued as a serial killer if she had not been busted.

And for Mabunda, the man who exposed her, there has been nothing short of love and admiration from members of the public. You can check out Anele Mdoda’s post below.

Killing people for insurance benefits is actually nothing new or novel. It happens around the world and has been documented well in the DStv channel Crime & Investigation.