Mzansi Excited As Boity Announces She Can’t Wait To Be A Mother

Boitumelo “Boity” Thulo might be a rapper and a celebrated one at that, but she is a woman and her ultimate calling is not exactly music – at least that is what she has just made clear to her teeming fans. Her ultimate calling is to be a mother, and she is ready to start a family.

In a post on her official Twitter account on May 14, she addressed God, noting that she cannot wait to be a mother. She added her conviction that motherhood is her ultimate calling. The last sentence of her post sees her leaving everything up to God.

That is, while she cannot wait to be a mother, ultimately, the final verdict remains with God. He is, after all, the giver of children.

Boity’s post generated massive excitement online, with most of her fans joining in to wish her dreams come true. Some prayed for her and some said they cannot wait to see her become a mother.

At the time of writing, though, the rapper was single. He was previously in a relationship with the actor Anton Jephthah. It is unclear why they broke up, but the rumour flying around is that he had become insecure about her lavish lifestyle and suspected it was been sponsored by other men.

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