Mzansi Excited As Khanyi Mbau & Zimbabwean Lover Kudzai Mushonga Rekindle Their Love

DMs: Khanyi Mbau’s Ex Kudzai Mushonga Drops Bombshell About Their Failed Relationship

In a move that has gotten many of her fans smiling, South African actress Khanyi Mbau has reunited with his former lover, Kudzai Mushonga. The reunion has many South Africans talking.

They should, perhaps. After all, before they split initially, they were almost always a hot topic for conversation. With their lavish lifestyle. first-class flights, fancy cars and all, they gave the public more than enough to talk about.

But then, cracks had appeared sporadically in their relationship. culminating in Kudzai officially informing her fans and his that they had broken up. In his post, he also described her as controlling.

After being apart for a while, the two realized that they are better off together, so they made an effort to link up again. The result is that they are now back as a couple. And their fans can’t keep calm.

The couple made a joint post on Instagram showing them in each other’s arms. They looked happy. In the caption, they noted that they might bend but won’t break. The comment section of the post was deliberately turned off

In a different post, Kudzai Mushonga described LKahnyi Mbau as forever his baby. Khanyi herself shared similar energy in a post of them together.