Mzansi Fears For Zola 7’s Safety After Weird Video

Mzansi fears for Zola 7’s after a weird incident during his Back To The City gig.

It is shocking but no longer news that Mzansi artists are being mysteriously killed off. We were all shocked when DJ Sumbody was left for dead after being shot following a performance. Also, AKA and his best friend were killed in Durban after celebrating his birthday with friends.

You can understand why fans of Zola 7 are concerned for his safety following a video making rounds on social media. The video was taken at his Back To the City SA gig and was posted by user @Zikamnyamane with the caption: “Guys, please protect Zola7.”

In the clip, Zola 7 is performing with other artists when he is bumped on the shoulder by another Hip Hop act, Ammunition, who gives him a long stare before walking off. It is a very chilling video, and it caused his fans so much concern.

@bomb_sak was not phased by it and wrote, “Guys back then, we’re not soft. That is more of a greeting or salute than it is disrespect.” @Zikamnyamane reacted, “But we also saw that this is also used as a hint for izinkabi.” @BaFooks expressed concern, writing, “We must protect Zola from Ammunition?”

Watch the video here.

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