Mzansi Gives Faith Nketsi’s “Come Duze” Dance Challenge A Thumbs Down

Mzansi gives reality star Faith Nketsi a thumbs down for her new “Come Duze” challenge video.

Faith Nketsi knows how to get the country talking about her. The star is back in the news again after revealing that married men have been hitting on her. She sparked reactions from fans when she took to her Twitter page to share that a happily married man has been in her DM’s since 2019 asking her out. She wrote,

“Agh, I hate men. Imagine scrolling through IG and seeing a couple that is serving “goals” and then checking ur dm and realizing he has been at it since 2019 till now.”

She later deleted the post. Nketsi is back on everyone’s lips after she jumped on the “Come Duze” challenge but Mzansi was not impressed. A video of her doing the challenge was shared by MDN News. Mzansi gave it a thumbs down and blamed her failure to deliver on her alleged “BBL” and claimed that the “cement” was too heavy for her to move properly.

@RealIssuesSA reacted to the video, writing, “The BBL cement is to heavy for her,she cant even move properly.”

@JusticeSA10 also commented, “There’s just that one thing she’s good at, not dancing.”

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