Mzansi Hails Musa Mseleku As He Celebrates 22 Years Marriage Milestone With Wife Busisiwe “MaCele” Mseleku

These days he is pointed to as an example of what it looks like to run a successful polygamous family. Indeed, it might be said that Musa Mseleku has earned his stripes in this area. The evidence is there for all to see.

Musa Mseleku is currently celebrating 22 years of marital bliss with his first wife,  Busisiwe “MaCele” Mseleku. He couldn’t be happier with how far he has come with MaCele.

In fact, by his own account (stated in an interview last year), the choice of his first wife was partly the basis of the success of his polygamous life. He married well the first time and his first wife has been supportive throughout.

On that count, of course, it shouldn’t be surprising that he should go all out to celebrate their 22nd year as husband and wife.

Interestingly but perhaps not surprisingly, the public is chuffe about the couple’; union as well, and how they have been able to defy stereotypes and create a family and relationship that is entirely without drama, unlike what they know.

Musa Mseleku gave a clue into the journey with his first wife in an Instagram post which you can check out below.

Congrats on two decades and two.

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