Mzansi Having A Good Laugh Over Skomota’s Moment With The Punisher – Watch

Some South Africans are having a good laugh at the expense of local musician Skomota, but it’s all good humour, as they are not making fun of his disabilities but a hilarious moment with the the bodybuilder The Punisher.

In a TikTok clip shared by The Punisher himself, Skomota could be seen costing up to him. He was seemingly impressed by the other’s bulk and even laid his head on his chest at some point. South Africans thought the video funny, with some noting that Skomota was in love.

Skomota is straight, so what love? That is not a subject we are prepared to dwell on right now, so we would rather leave the video with you below for you to watch and draw your own conclusions.



♬ Keneilwe (feat. Dalom Kids) – Wanitwa Mos & Nkosazana Daughter & Master KG

Skimota is the man of the money, sporadically viral for his videos and for his dance moves, some of which have been copied by ordinary fold and celebrities alike. One of the celebrities who copied his dance moves was denounced by some South Africans because they felt she was mocking his disability.

Anyway, Skomota has given yet another good time with the clip of him having a good time with his associate The Punisher.

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