Mzansi Hearing For A Party To Celebrate Master KG’s Musical Success at 25

He has achieved so much in such a short time that an excited public wants to celebrate him – throw a national party for him. That’s the life of Master KG for you, at 25.

The South African singer, DJ and record producer is trending on Mzansi Twitter with a hashtag that reads Congratulations Master KG.

Well, who wouldn’t congratulate a man who’s released what’s unarguably one of the most successful songs by a South African yet? “Jerusalema,” a collaborative song with Nomcebo Zikode, was such an enormous success that it transcended South Africa, clinching platinum plaques internationally and earning Master KG invitations from celebrated figures in global entertainment.ast we checked, celebs like Chistiani Ronaldo and Janet Jackson has endorsed the song.

Of course, Master KG had released hits prior to his “Jerusalema” but none compares to in appeal and reach. The song is instrumental to Master KG winning several awards.

Mzansi has taken notice and is now keen to roll out the drums for one of its own in a national party.

What do you think of the call to throw Master KG a national party to celebrate his successes? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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