Mzansi Humoured As Mohale Motaung Posts Snap Of His Wedding To Somizi

It is no longer news that Mohale Motaung and Somizi are no longer together. In fact, their relationship ended on an acrimonious note, with both accusing each other of assault.

Now imagine Mohale going ahead to post their wedding picture after all this. There is no assumption here, really, because the actor did just that — for whatever reason. It turned out most South Africans were vastly amused by his post.

Mohale had shared one of the pictures taken from his wedding, and it appeared he wasn’t looking too pleased in the picture or was just being goofy. Whatever the case, South Africans found the post humorous, and most shared it with their thoughts. You can check out the post below.

At some point, Mohale and Somizi were considered among South Africa’s perfect gay couples, and they looked glamorous together. But a crisis had erupted in the relationship soon after, aggravated by a leaked audio in which Mohale had claimed that Somizi was abusive to him and even once threatened him with a knife.

Well, as the saying goes, life goes on. Each is doing well without the other. And no, an occasional slap of humour wouldn’t be bad. Or would it? Lol.

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