Mzansi Impressed As Makhadzi Kneels To Greet President Cyril Ramaphosa – Watch

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South African singer Makhadzi had many of her compatriots beaming and pleased when a clip of her kneeling to greet the country’s president, Cyril Ramaphosa, popped online.

The scene was backstage at the Netball World Cup gala. Makhadzi was lined up alongside other ladies. When it got to her turn for a handshake with the president, she partially sprawled on the floor and then kneeled to greet the president.

The moment elicited smiles from many South Africans, most of whom commended her for being courteous and showing an example to others on how to treat elders. The clip of that moment was shared by the controversial blogger Musa Khawula. You can check it out below.

Makhadzi is one of South Africa’s notable singers. She popped into the music scene only a few years ago but has managed to establish herself as an important voice in South African music. Her performances are usually electrifying and fans are always willing to show up for her.

Of recent, though, she has faced severe criticism for not showing up for gigs for which she has been booked. The recent clip of her kneeling to greet the president momentarily takes all the attention away from her previous no-shows.