Mzansi Impressed With Gogo Maweni’s Gucci-Themed Birthday Bash – Watch

Gogo Maweni again amplified her love for the Gucci brand with her Gucci-themed birthday bash. The controversial sangoma (local healer) shared slides of the celebration on social media.

Taking to Instagram, where she has a robust following, she shared slides celebrating her birthday. The first slide showed her in the company of her friends and well-wishers, a cake with Gucci design in hand. She was dancing and having a good time.

The second and third slides appeared focused on those who had turned up to celebrate with her. It could be seen that everyone was happy and enjoying themselves amid the celebration. In the caption to her post, the celebrity sangoma noted that the birthday ship had sailed. You can check out the post below.

Gogo Maweni went all out to celebrate her birthday this year. Despite having acquired a Range Rover months earlier, she still gifted herself another car – a white Porsche – for her birthday.

The key highlight of the day was her Gucci-themed birthday party in which she illuminated her love for the Italian luxury brand. Well, congratulations are in other for Gogo Maweni. From the responses to her post so far, South Africans were impressed with what the sangoma staged.

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