Mzansi In Fierce Debate Over Msawawa’s Alleged Skin Bleaching

Did Kwaito musician Msawawa bleach his skin? That is one question many South Africans have been asking after a new picture of him looking all “yellow” surfaced online.

Some South Africans who saw the picture noted that he looked way whiter than they used to know. As far as they are concerned, the Msawawa they knew was dark-complexioned, but the one before them was looking white. What could have caused that if not bleaching, they wondered?

Some South Africans could not be bothered about the transformation, however. As far as this set of people is concerned, the musician is good at his craft and has been sharing great music with them. That is what counts and not what he does with his body.\

Mzansi In Fierce Debate Over Msawawa'S Alleged Skin Bleaching 2

If indeed Msawawa had bleached his skin as many posited, he wouldn’t be the first musician to do so, nor would he possibly be the last. There are a couple of other musicians who have bleached their skins in the past. Khanyi Mbau. who is more famous as an actress than as a singer, is one of them. Another notable voice is the late Mshoza.

Well, as someone noted, it is Msawawa’s life to live and no one can tell him what to do with it.


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