Mzansi In Shock As Amazon Prime Video Cuts African Productions

The New Year begins on a dramatic – and some would say disappointing – note for those who have come to love the Amazon Prime Video service and its African productions.

Multiple reports have since carried the story that the global streaming service Amazon Prime is laying off staff and scaling back in its series in Africa and the Middle East. It was one move many in the affected areas had not anticipated.

So there is palpable buzz across those regions as subscribers try to make sense of the decision.

At the outset, when it launched, Amazon had grand ambitions,m including being the biggest streaming platform in Africa. To realize that dream, it hired massively, bringing a lot of talents on board.

Now, for whatever reason, the service appears to be on retreat, leaving subscribers and some analysts scratching their heads. Well, it’s just a matter of time before a complete picture emerges of what’s going on.

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