Mzansi In Stitches After Musa Khawula Claims To Be Broke After Been Sued For Defamation

With Musa Khawula, there is seemingly no end to the controversies. He appears to revel in this side of his life, which gets him the public’s attention and streams for his content online.

Well, the controversial blogger recently made what was considered a defamatory statement against Jade Harris Orren for which he was served court papers. But it appears like Musa couldn’t be bothered about the court case against him.

The “defamatory” post against  Orren was shared on Instagram and is still standing on that platform. The post was of a picture of Orren and his wife, both looking happy and content with each other’s company.

The knife of the post was in the caption. In it, Musa claimed that Orren has been cheating on his wife “with everybody,” meaning he is nothing more than a philanderer who kust happens to be married.

In a different post, he mentioned some ladies that Orren had sexual relations with, one of whom got pregnant and he forced her to have an abortion. The posts upset Orren, who wasted no time filing a case of defamation against Musa. see the controversial post below.

Well, Musa has been served with court papers for defamation. But he made fun of it all, stating he is broke.

Mzansi is still in stitches.

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