Mzansi in Stitches As Makhadzi Shares Hilarious Childhood Story

Popular Venda singer Makhadzi has shared a hilarious event that took place almost two decades ago when she was still very young, and Mzansi has been splitting with laughter ever since.

In a recent tweet, the “Ghanama” hitmaker recalled visiting a friend’s house about 15 years ago. Normally, she would have gotten inside to see her friend and spent some time there chatting. On this occasion, however, she was not allowed inside.

She was told to stay outside because they were having a “family meeting.” It turned out there was no meeting but the family was eating. That excuse was given to ensure she didn’t join them at the table. The tweet provoked laughter among South Africans, as you can see below.

Some of her fans noted that the story wasn’t complete, urging her to flesh it out, including that she is probably in a better place right now and can feed the whole family that had treated her that way almost two decades ago. Some implored her to make a song out of the incident.

Makhadzi has not committed to doing any of those, however. But if she answers the calls of her fans, we will certainly bring all the details to you. Stay tuned

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